Each deluxe contains:

  • Two thick bases 
  • One thin base
  • Two triangles
  • Two cylinders
  • Double Brushed Microsuede - 98% water resistant - twice the thickness of the OG material (see homepage for video)

Or order as an OG, containing 

  • One thick bases 
  • One thin base 
  • Two triangles
  • Double Brushed Microsuede - 98% water resistant 

Please note the Peach bases does not zip apart (the squares are attached to make a rectangular base)

The Bodhi Deluxe Play Couch is the perfect addition to the modern home, and a great first play couch purchase!

(Matching wedges, half circle rockers and more accessories arriving in January)

 Covers are machine washable and line dry only

Please note the deluxe does not come with liners as it’s extremely water resistant and not necessary.

The Bodhi Deluxe Play Couch is fine to keep in box for up to 1 month - order now before we sell out!