Is the foam safe?

Our foam manufacturer is certified and listed on the CertiPUR-US®, which is the gold standard for foam safety. Since it's certified, you can safely know that your play couch is:

    • Free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

    • Low VOCs* (Volatile Organic Compounds), so no weird smells and no lowered air quality.

    • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEPC flame retardants.

    • Made without ozone deleters and is environmentally Innovative.


    *VOCs are generally human-made chemicals that emit as harmful gases from things like foam.



    What are the dimensions?

    Each square is 84cm x 84cm but the squares are attached, to make 168cm square rectangles. Being sewn together, they are strong and safe, so with all the cubby building and children climbing and bouncing on top, they will remain safe and sturdy! They are still able to fold on top of one another, and we have added a handle for easily moving them around.

    The base is 14cm thick and the top is 9cm thick
    Wedges are 55cm long by 37cm high.

    Comes in a box that is 90cm x37cm x 37cm



    Should I buy a waterproof liner?

    Although the microsuede is water resistant, accidents do happen. You can purchase a soft waterproof liner (this comes separately and will need to be put on by you). This completely protects the foam from moisture.

    So if someone spills a big glass of milk, you can whip off the top cover, wipe down the waterproof one, and while the top cover washes you can still use the piece! Game changer!!

    They are $50 extra, and can be purchased when you add to cart


    What is it made out of?


    The Bodhi Play Couch is made out of a high-density, open-cell polyurethane foam which makes our couch a longer-lasting, higher-quality product! This means the product is safe (lightweight) and will last a long time, so your money is well spent.


    What material is used?

    Micro suede!

    Its a fantastic, long-lasting, stain proof, pet friendly, machine washable fabric that is buttery soft!


    What if I change my mind?

    If you do, please return to the store for a refund within 30 days.

    The couch must be in its original condition.


    How will my Bodhi Play Couch arrive?

    We compress and roll the lounges into a box, so we can keep shipping costs low!

    Simply open the box and unwrap the plastic, and allow the lounge to unravel! After a few hours, the lounge will return to its original shape. It may take a day or two to regain its full volume.


    Is there a warranty?

    Yes! We offer a one year warranty!

    If the foam fails, we will replace the piece!  In saying that, please note, we have built these to stand the test of time, and your child will most likely move out of home before these couches do!


    Can I come see the colours?

    Yes! We have all cover colours here in store for you to see and touch and stroke - we know you will want to because they are so darn soft!


    Where is it made?

    We are currently having them made in China. If we can ever make them here and be able to keep them at this great price and not have to compromise on the quality, we will!

    Until then we are happy with our Gold Standard Manufacturer, who is fully accredited and certified, and has over 20 years experience making top of the line foam products